Friday, March 27, 2009

Attention All Pippi Fans

I love Pippi Longstocking so much that I convinced Hannah to be her for Halloween last year. And as you can see, my copy of Pippi (illustrated by Lauren Child) has been well loved.

Do you love Pippi Longstocking too? If so, I have happy news!

Astrid Lindgren (Pippi's author) wrote lots of other books, and they all have been translated from the original Swedish. She is one of my favorite writers, she has such a unique sense of humor.

I gave The Children of Noisy Village and Christmas In Noisy Village to Hannah for Christmas. She loved reading them, and so did I! I loved the humor and all the Swedish details, especially in the Christmas book, since I've had Norwegian Christmases all my life.

We recently picked up I Want a Brother or Sister, Lotta's Bike, and I Want to Go to School Too at the library and read them over and over. The art is charming in these books as well, I think. Check these out for your kids (or yourself) for some quick and fun little reads.

P.S. These Pippi movies are super fun too! Check out this and this.


  1. Thanks for the tip, I will definitly check those out at the Library. My girls love books and I love reading to them and taking them to storytime everyweek.

  2. I love Pippi too. I introduced my kids to Pippi at a young age too and they are Pippi fans now. I have been Pippi 2x for Halloween. She is great, I mean who else makes cookies on the floor? I love it and I will have to find the other books. Thanks!