Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Where's The Burp Cloth When I Need It?

My shoulder is covered in baby barf!  Olivia seems to have a waterfall coming out of her mouth after every feeding.

 I bought some burp cloths at IKEA yesterday and they are roughly twice the size of dish towels.  I saw them there with Cami in December and I thought, who on earth needs a burp cloth that big?  Well, apparently I do!  Now I just need to keep them handy...

Cafe Rio Tonight, Baby!

Well, kind of.  I spent half my day making everything so we can have "mock"  Cafe Rio pork salad for dinner.  I hope it's good because it all took FOREVER.  Too bad my pork roast turned out to be pretty grisly, so I had to throw out a bunch of the meat.  I made the dressing, the rice, rinsed and spun the lettuce, got the black beans ready, made the tortilla chips (they are hiding in the oven so the kids won't eat them all when they get home from school!), and made some "mock" horchata to go along with it.  So now I just have to shred some cheese and chop some tomatoes.  There better not be any whiners at dinner tonight! :)

In the meantime, Nina made a train with the barstools, and Olivia has been sleeping, smiling, crying and tooting.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

At The Moment

At the moment, I am nursing Olivia and typing one handedly, at the same time!  Very impressive, I know.   I'm getting pretty good at it too.  Also at the moment, my hallway is piled with about 4 or 5 loads of laundry, with Nina's birthday balloons mixed in with it.  It looks really nice.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Happy New Year

Okay, I'm having chocolate overload right now (is that possible?) as I'm dipping a chocolate chip brownie into a nice mug of hot chocolate.  Yum.  Well, happy new year!  And what better way to start off the new year than with a brand spankin' new blog?  I've been thinking about starting a blog for some time now, and so finally, here I am actually doing it!  Never thought I'd have a blog, but I've just kept thinking about something Aunt Terry said a year and a half ago on our trip to Seattle.  She said that her biggest regret in life is that she didn't keep a journal when her kids were little, and that she wishes she could go back and read about what life was like during those years. is pretty tricky to keep a journal with little kids, at least for me, but I do want to remember this time in my life, and what my kids are like.  So I figure a blog is perfect, I'll just type away for a few minutes a few times a week, throw in some fun pics, and boom, I'll have a really great personal/family history. I'm way excited I'm actually doing this.  Plus, I will probably throw in some creative stuff too.  I've debated whether to do a separate blog for my illustrations, photography, etc., but I don't know.  Maybe I will do that later, but for now I'm just here in this one spot.
Sounds like Olivia just lost her binky...she's been asleep for the last half hour in the travel crib right next to my desk in my bedroom...she's making little grunty sounds so I better help her find it!  
Okay, she doesn't want it, but she's just smiling away in there, staring at the bunny that my friend Emily Wilson knitted for her.  I've named the bunny "Hunny-Bun" since that's what I always call Olivia...I guess she can change the name someday since it's really her bunny, but for now, I say it's Hunny-Bun.