Saturday, June 13, 2009

Squishy Cheeks

This is just a random picture that Hannah took with my phone a couple months ago, but I love it.

Friday, June 12, 2009

All Together

Can you guess who is who?  All of these are from the ages 6-7 months, except for Clayton's which is 11 months.  Kinda funny to see us all together as babies and see some similarities.  

Splish Splash

This was Memorial Day at Mormor's and Poppy Per's house, and Olivia's first time in the pool. She loved it!  Ben was such a cute big brother, helping her kick around in the shallow end.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Memory Grove

Over Memorial weekend we took a Sunday drive up to Memory Grove.  I hadn't been there in years and I had forgotten what a pretty spot it is!  

Nina:  "Mom, I needa go potty!"

Ben being awesome.

Hannah posing...

Nina zippin' away with her long hair flowing behind her!  Haha!

Olivia just being a cutie and loving the fresh air.

And here is my favorite picture of all.  This family brought a photographer along for some "Where's Waldo" shots!

Come on Down to Breakfast Town!

A couple weeks ago we were babysitting my nieces and nephew overnight.  In the morning, Hannah (always the helpful, fun, and creative girl) established "Breakfast Town" before I even came out of my bedroom.  She used an empty hardwood flooring box (since Clayton had just put it in downstairs) to make an order window, and she was busy taking everyone's orders from the menu.  Apparently toast was selling like hot cakes that morning, haha!

Tiny Herb Garden

Oh man, I wish I could start a vegetable garden this summer.  I'm not so sure it's going to happen though, since we are also trying to finish the basement.  One thing at a time, y'know? So to fill the void, I took the kids along to Home Depot and we picked out some herbs .  Ben, Hannah, and Nina all dug in to help plant some mini-gardens when we got home. 

Can't wait to chop up some fresh buying those tiny expensive packages from the store.  

And if we're lucky, maybe the fairies will visit our little gardens since they are just the right size.  {The fairies used to come to our strawberry patch during the night and leave little presents like seashells and dimes, and the kids LOVED it!}

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Q&A With Nina

"Mom, you know what we should've named Olivia?" Nina asked.

"Tell me," I said.

"We should've named her WONDERPOP because that's such a cute name, huh?"

"Yeah, why didn't I think of that?....."  

Lookin' Good, Guys!

L. Family Faves

Just a couple from this family that I absolutely love!

J. Family Sneak Peek

A few of my favorites from a shoot earlier this week.  Thanks J. family for letting me take pictures of your beautiful and sweet girls.