Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Two Awards in One Night

Well, kind of. Ben did actually win a trophy for coming in 2nd place at the Cub Scout Raingutter Regatta last night. Yay, Ben!! His little American Pirates boat was awesome.

And I earned the Neglectful Mother of the Year award last night for leaving my third-born behind and locked out of the house. It wasn't until my neighbor Krystal showed up with her the church that I realized she was missing (and completely traumatized).



In my defense though, I thought Clayton had brought her with him (we drove separately), and there were about 30 kids at the event, and I was sidetracked taking pictures. I also learned that I'm not alone...this opened the door for confession among the other Cub moms. But still...who does that? That's why I say I earned an award last night too.


  1. So Heath, one time my parents left me at the pizza place that used to be next to Farmer Jack's, or Grand Central, or whatever that grocery store used to be called at 10600 and 1300. I think I was three or four. I have a very confused memory about the whole thing. I'll bet my mom remembers, but dad doesn't. I was probably there for at least 30 minutes after everyone went home in the station wagon.

  2. Clay remembers when you were left there. At least your parents had the excuse that they had 8 kids...?