Thursday, August 27, 2009


Happy Birthday Hannah! Now let's see...Hannah was born on my Dad's 50th birthday, so that officially makes Dad an old geezer! Just kidding Dad! You can still climb a mountain faster than any 20 year old.

This morning I miraculously got up in time to make Swedish pancakes for Hannah's breakfast, and she opened her presents. Nail polish, earrings, flower hair clips, shoes, and a nice sketchbook (her favorite). We bought her some scriptures too, but Clayton wants to write inside the cover before we give them to her. I checked her out of school for about an hour at noon so I could take her out to lunch. Hannah is a hoot to hang out with...rubbing cream all over her nose from her dessert and being such a goof. We laughed and laughed. Plus, that girl is a bottomless pit. I think she ate more than I did!

Tonight we had a couple of her friends over for tacos (Hannah's request). Her friend Laura Ashley gave her some fun gifts, including a box of Coco Puffs! She knows that I never buy them and that Hannah is always begging me for them. A birthday wish come true, haha! Then we all went swimming up at Mormor and Poppy Per's house. It was just 4 friends, so it was pretty simple (and nice!). We came back for banana splits before taking the girls home.

I can't believe she's eight, and I'm so lucky to have such a funny and thoughtful little girl. :) We love you Hannah!


  1. Happy birthday Hannah! you are such a cutie

  2. Look at those cute freckles! Happy Birthday Hannah girl, we love you!

  3. She could out eat me any day!! Love you Hannah:) I can't believe that you are eight... You are a beauty!

  4. Katie, I think those are your freckles! She looks way more like you than me or Clay. :)

  5. I can't believe she is eight! What a fun girl...sounds like a great day. Happy Birthday hugs to Hannah!!