Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up, Nina?

"A mermaid."  No hesitation whatsoever.  "And we can have a really huge pond in our back yard and you can just drop your Nina Mermaid in it on this side, and the pirates can go over on that side."  She's making all these hand motions...

Ten seconds later..."Or I want to be Tinkerbell."

Then, "But I don't want to grow up!  And I can't stop!"  She tried pushing the top of her head down, like she could stop herself from getting any bigger.  "And I don't want you to be a grandma!"  Now she's crying!  I don't blame her...picturing myself as a grandma is pretty disturbing for me too!

p.s. These were my mermaid bath toys from about 1982, and now my girls love them too...can't believe I still have them!

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  1. That's so funny, I had like the same conversation with Emma just the other day. She said she didn't ever want to grow up and I asked her why and then she started crying and said because I wouldn't be her mommy anymore and she wouldn't live with me. I think she has been watching too much Peter Pan.