Friday, March 25, 2011

meet the felt family

"Hey Ma, we better get inside! Them raindrops is bigger than my head!"

"Storm's a-brewin'! Everyone get to shelter!"

"It's almost Easter! When are you going to take down these dang Christmas lights?"

"Stop staring at me."

{Hehe...we ran out of the small googley eyes when we got to this one, poor kid. He's a little self-conscious.}

"Yay for sunshine! Let's run through the hills!"

Isn't it funny, the things kids like to play with? I made this crazy little play set with Ben when he was about 3, back when we could fit all of our toys into one small tidy container, and we were dirt poor. I've come close to throwing it out a few times, but the kids always stop me, "No! Please! I love playing with that!" So we've kept it all these years. Nina has been playing with it lately, setting up different landscapes and weather for this wonky clothespin family.

When Nina piled the whole family onto the house with the bald kid laying down I asked, "Why are they all standing on him?" She said, "They aren't standing on him mom. That's our family, and that's baby Will laying on the floor."

Who knew that something that cost about $3 TOTAL would be such a hit? It makes me want to make some more...although maybe not so weird looking this time!


  1. I think that is adorable. Homemade toys are the best, no matter how wanky they look.

  2. I seriously want to make one of these! Bria would eat that up:)

  3. Are you hinting for us to take down our Christmas lights??? Bwahaha.....It's about time someone told us to get a life :) Don't think Fred doesn't hear this from me like ALL THE TIME!!! Maybe by Summer...if you are lucky!