Thursday, June 24, 2010

chalk art festival {part one}

Last weekend we drove the kids downtown to the Gateway to see the Chalk Art Festival. Some of the art was pretty impressive. Clayton was wishing he had a spot...he would've kicked everyone's can, I tell you! He's amazing. So watch for him next year, he's planning on being a part of it.


  1. So cool! I remember his chalk pictures from his mission, he is amazing! We will definitely go if he has a spot next year....ha I love that I can say that cuz we will actually be there, yay!

  2. I totally forgot about this! Darn! Clay should totally do it next year... that would be so much fun and he IS amazing:)

  3. This looks like fun! I'd love to see both of your artwork in chalk.

    Hope your feeling good and all is going well with your pregnancy!