Friday, April 15, 2011

the graduate

This lovely little lady just happens to be my sister-in-law. Isn't she pretty? Inside as well as out. This month she is graduating from college and she wanted some fun pictures to mail out with her announcements. Since she is going to be a high school health teacher, we played up the whole teacher theme for a bunch of the shots.

Thanks again for asking me McCall, is was super fun.


  1. These are great!! I am sure any high school boy would LOVE to have her as their health teacher ;)

    I have loved your posts lately. I am going to make those french toast sandwiches soon. They look so yummy.

  2. You're amazing Heath! Thank YOU!

  3. these are darling! Heath, i really hope we can make it up there and get some pics done by the best!!!!!

  4. Heath you're so freaking talented... it goes without saying that you are THE BEST! We hope you never get tired of us requesting your incredible talents and services!