Saturday, July 11, 2009

Ben's Golf Course

This was a school project (aka parent homework) for Ben, back at the end of May.  All the 3rd graders had to make a hole for a miniature golf course at school, and it had to have a theme and involve a "simple machine." after procrastinating up until the night before it was due (because we had no clue what to do), we finally pulled this off.  We borrowed the board from my dad's garage.  Ben wanted to do a gardening theme, so he glued on all these little pots and garden gnomes, and painted little vegetable patches all over it.  I helped Ben make a windmill type thing for the ball to spin through at the beginning, using Tinkertoys.  Clayton made a contraption at the end that made a pot fall and trap the ball, rather than having it fall into a hole.  Everyone loved it at school, Ben was excited about it, and he got an "A"!  Phew!  Glad that's done.  Maybe we should save it for Hannah to use...

The neighbor kids had fun with it all day after school!  This is our friend Bronwyn, with Hannah and Olivia as the spectators.

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  1. What a creative school project! For doing that last minute it's amazing!