Friday, June 12, 2009

All Together

Can you guess who is who?  All of these are from the ages 6-7 months, except for Clayton's which is 11 months.  Kinda funny to see us all together as babies and see some similarities.  


  1. That is so fun to see the similarities. Makes me want to pull out all our baby pictures.

  2. Oh Clayton is so darn cute!!! I love this post Heather.

  3. Heather!!! I stumbled across your blog by accident, what a great surprise! Your kids look like little Haugen's to me. Can't believe how big they are getting. I'll have to send you an invite to our blog (it's private) so that you can catch up on the campbell/wardle happenings. Hope you are all doing well, can't wait to read more posts!